We’ve all been there. The alarm goes off and it feels like we fell asleep only a minute ago. How is it already time to get up? Without fail, we reach over and hit snooze, only to be jarred awake 9 minutes later with the same question, how will I ever get out of bed?

It’s time to learn how to beat the snooze and start the day off right.

The easiest way to beat the alarm clock in the morning is to wake up at the same time… every day. You heard me, even the weekends. I know, this sounds impossible, but hear me out. Our bodies each have a unique circadian rhythm, like an internal clock, telling us when to wake up, go to sleep, and dictating many other aspects of our daily lives. When we force ourselves to wake up at the same time every day, this internal clock adjusts to that wake up time. You may find it easier to go to bed early, find yourself more hungry in the morning and less peckish at night, and you will definitely find it easier to beat the snooze button when it is time to wake up.

After you’ve established your wake up time, there are a few more things you can add to this routine to keep all mornings good mornings. First, get excited about the first 30-90 minutes of your day. If you’re struggling with the snooze button, this probably means you have a pretty early start in the mornings, so a 30 minute routine will be fine. Pick something enjoyable to do right away when you get out of bed. This may be 5 minutes of yoga, a new face wash you’re excited to try, checking sports results from late last night for 5 minutes – whatever it is you like to do in the morning, do it for 5 (and only 5) minutes right when you get up. This will help get you out of bed and get you excited for the day.

Once you’ve had your 5 minutes of happy morning time, establish a routine for the rest of your morning that you can repeat every day. Maybe that means eating breakfast and feeding your dog, going to the gym for an early morning sweat session, journaling, perfectly contouring your face – it doesn’t really matter what it is, but find a routine that works for you and is manageable in your time frame, and stick to it. **You may find that you think one routine works for you, but you keep messing it up. Don’t worry, finding the routine that works best may take a few tries. Once you find something you can manage, use that as your routine.

Like many things related to our health, one of the most effective ways to reach success is repetition. Start with establishing your wake up time (for every day of the week!) and then add in the 5 minutes of fun, and finally the additional 25-85 minutes of daily morning routine. The longer you stick with your routine, the better.

Thanks for reading, and good luck for many good mornings!