What We're About

Simple -- making quality rest and pain relief possible for everyone.

As working college students, we quickly realized there was a much bigger need for something most young people don't consider -- quality sleep and relief from aches and back pain. Back and neck pain is commonly associated with age, however, it can also be caused by hunching in front of a computer or smartphone for hours a day. Simply put, pain management and quality rest are for everyone, but we knew for a fact that not enough people were getting it -- especially us.

The support pillows and weighted blankets that we found didn't seem to be made with the consumer in mind. Producers of sleep products expected consumers to purchase poor quality, cheaply-made items because nothing else was available

So we applied our new knowledge to sourcing higher quality materials and creating our own line of consumer-focused products designed to give the rest and pain relief they needed without an unbearable price tag
Since then, we were chosen as Best New Release on Amazon. We continue to launch our innovative, revolutionary sleep and pain management products to the market, growing by over 60% every month.

Gentle Living's products and brands have been featured in Woman and Home, Daily Mail, Yahoo!, InStyle, Medical News Today & Popular Mechanics. You deserve quality rest and easier pain management, and our innovative line of cooling neck pillows, lumbar support, and weighted blankets are designed to help you get there. We’re making rest cooler -- literally.